The Dreaded Holiday Party 

We all dread it… the corporate holiday party. It’s the lukewarm lunch-hour potluck. What is that? A hair in my soup? Or, it’s the one free champagne drank while loitering awkwardly around the breakroom. Meanwhile, all you are thinking about is how you just know that Rita from accounting stole your last yogurt from the communal fridge.

Nowadays, most company parties do not require much interaction. Most people only chat about work. Otherwise, they are huddled in clique-like groups. This annual tradition is boring. Moreover, it does not benefit the company in any way. 

Milwaukee’s Fun Holiday Party!

City 13’s goal is to cure those corporate holiday party blues. A party with coworkers at City 13 is enjoyable and productive at the same time. In this way, it promotes team building and provides one-of-a-kind experiences. Escape rooms encourage open communication, even with people that an employee might not see every day. Furthermore, you and your coworkers find ways to think uniquely, exercising both sides of the brain. At the same time, coworkers can determine flaws and assets in teamwork.

After solving an escape room puzzle, you can relax in the lounge with a cocktail. You and your coworkers chat and enjoy delicious food. There are board games and a pool table if you are still itching for more challenges. At the end of the day, increased communication and shared experiences make tackling daily tasks at work easier.

City 13 Escape Rooms

Party Possibilities

Our party combinations are perfect for holiday get-togethers. Our four escape rooms each have a different theme: The Armory, City Reserve, Cyber Station, and Neon Light Diner. Each adventure is mentally stimulating and helps improve problem-solving skills. However, they do vary in difficulty. Each game allows eight to ten people to solve the puzzle within 60 minutes. Within that hour, you and your coworkers must work together to escape.  

Our sizable lobby hosts up to 100 people and includes a pool table and board games. Like the escape rooms, the lobby is rented hourly. City 13 allows for outside food and alcohol, unlike other escape rooms. Double B’s catering is our preferred caterer, as we work with them regularly. When you order from them, City 13 will take care of the ordering, set-up, and clean-up for you! However, feel free to choose your own caterer or bring your own food.

City 13 Events

Most groups rent an escape room or two and an hour of lobby time. Almost anything and everything can be done in the lobby. Scheduling both the escape rooms and the lobby is easy and flexible. Parties can be scheduled during weekdays or regular business hours.

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